Om klubben

Langeland Cycling Exercise is part of Langeland Cycling & Running. Langeland Bicycle & Running consists of three departments; a running club, an indoor cycling club and then the cycling club Langeland’s Cycling Exercise. The club has a total of about 150 members, several of whom are members in several departments.

Work out

At Langeland’s Cycling Exercise we train three times a week. It takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. For training, we try as far as possible to divide ourselves into groups so that everyone gets something out of the training. Group 1 is the fastest, group 2 the second fastest, etc. On a typical training day, we meet in front of the club, after which we make the group breakdown. As a starting point, you decide for yourself which group you want to run in; however, we always recommend that you drive in a group where you can follow along, as there is no waiting along the way. The groups are usually followed out of town, after which it is slightly different what happens. Sometimes the groups choose to run the same route; other times, it runs on different routes. Usually, Group 1 will not only be the fastest group, but also the group that runs the longest. The training trips usually last between 2-4 hours depending on which group you ride in and what is agreed on the day. Before we leave the clubhouse, the day’s training is always agreed, so that as a rider you have the opportunity to adapt to the day’s workout.

In winter, we train only once a week. It takes place every Sunday. Most people choose to replace the racing bike with MTB during the winter season; however, a few riders remain on the racing bike year-round.

New to the club

If you are interested in starting a club, you can sign up via Easy Sign Up on the website. Here both the quota and other expenses for different races and events can be paid.
As a new rider in the club, there are some things you need to acquire before you can participate. First of all, of course, you must have a racing bike available. It doesn’t have to be a brand new top-tune racing bike for many thousands of dollars. Several of our members have started on used bikes at a reasonable price. However, it must also be emphasized that the equipment must be in order. If you meet up on a grandmother’s bike, you are not allowed to participate in the training. Firstly, you cannot train properly if you are not riding a racing bicycle in good condition, and secondly, the bike must be safe to ride on the safety of the riders. If, as a new member, you are unsure which bike to buy, you can go to the club for advice and guidance. In addition, at least one set of bicycle clothing should be purchased.

It is required – without exception – to ride a helmet for all workouts in the club.

Running and other events

During the season we take part in several exercise cycles around the country. If there is a sufficient number of people registered for the races, joint travel will be arranged. In addition, we organize an annual training camp in Ikast at the end of May, just as we also arrange to attend at least one race abroad during the season. We also have a number of other events, and several of the riders agree to participate in other races and activities. Some of our riders include arranged a trip to France to see the Tour De France. The bikes are of course included, so that the riders can try their hand at the route before the Tour field passes.